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Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair

Spring Replacement

A garage door often does a lot of work. From heavy lifting to raising, and lowering multiple times each day, your garage door will eventually break down no matter how you handle it with care. Each metal parts may be made of durable materials, but its springs are always subject to stress and therefore increases the likelihood of wearing out. So, when you notice some changes in operating your garage door, call a garage door specialist right away.

Texas Pros Garage Doors specializes in repairing and replacing essential garage door parts. Every member of our team has years of experience in dealing residential garage door springs and sectional garage door springs for commercial properties. They know what do with any garage door issues, and they will make sure that they will replace the damaged springs and put back the garage door to its full use.

Why do you need to let the professionals handle a spring replacement?

It may be easy to replace your garage door springs without consulting a professional technician. However, doing so can lead you to several consequences which you might not expect.  If your garage door is still under warranty, switching it to a different spring will invalidate your free repair and services from the manufacturer or the company where you bought it. There is also a good chance that you will damage the entire garage door, especially if you failed to perform the spring replacement correctly. With this, you will be paying more for the repair services. Lastly, trying to replace the garage door springs can cause it to snap which can potentially result to serious injury.

Therefore, it is safer and efficient to let the garage door experts handle the spring replacement. Texas Pros Garage Doors have several professional repairmen who are highly trained and capable of repairing and replacing any issues that your garage door encounter. With an emphasis on customer service, they will let you know every step of the process and will ensure to do their job safely, correctly, and quickly.

Why choose Texas Pros Garage Doors?

Since we started operating in San Antonio, Texas, we have consistently gathered positive feedback from our customers who availed the garage door spring replacement services. We know that the competition in the market is tight, but we at Texas Pros Garage Doors, are proud to say that we remain to be the leading service provider for garage door repair and installation.

We offer 24/7 availability and same-day repair, replacement, and installation services for garage doors of all kinds. Our company believes that having an around the clock availability will allow us to help more residential and commercial owners who experience a faulty garage door and who wish to keep their properties secured.

Furthermore, Texas Pros Garage Doors assures all clients that they will receive top-notch services from our reliable and professional technicians. From the moment you call us until the actual repair process of your garage door, our repairmen will guide and provide the necessary details of the work.  They will let you know the total cost of the repair, the type of products used for spring replacement, and other relevant details of your garage door’s overall condition.

It is our mission to exceed anyone’s expectations. Thus, we do our best to deliver quality services with consideration to customer service. Our reputation as a company would not exist if it were not for our clients who have patronized us through the years. That is why we guarantee to offer a memorable experience for our beloved customers who have brought us to where we are now.

Our team is fully committed to providing the best services for any garage door spring replacement. Above all that, the cost of our services are reasonable and does not have any hidden charges. We make sure that you do not pay more than what you need. When you ask us to fix your garage door, we will provide you a free estimate and will inform you of any changes to prices.

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If you have any questions about our garage door spring replacement services, call us today and ask our customer service representatives. We would be more than happy to help and provide the solutions you need for your garage door.

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