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Terms and Conditions About Texas Pros Garage Doors



The website is operated and owned by Texas Pros Garage Door. Anyone who will visit this website is deemed to accept the Terms and Conditions written herein including other operating rules as well as policies and procedures.

To access the website, the customer must read the Agreement carefully. Accessing the website proves that the customer is bound and agrees on the terms and conditions. Otherwise, the customer will not be allowed to access the site and use the services.

The Services

The Services offered by Texas Pros Garage Doors includes garage door installation, repair, and garage door openers, as well as servicing garage doors. Using the services of the Company, the Customer may be exposed to potentially unsafe or offensive situations. Thus, the Company shall not hold liable from whatsoever that may arise while rendering the services.

Terms of Payments

The customer and the Company must agree and signify in the Terms and Conditions prior to installation. As agreed, the customer is bonded to pay at least 50% deposit upon placing of an order and the remaining 50% must be paid before the installation.

The deposit is non-refundable and the Company has the right to charge overdue accounts for at least 2% per month. The Company has the restriction to suspend delivery of service in case of genuine doubts regarding the financial position of the Customer.

Delayed Dates

The Customer must understand that the delivery dates stated in the contract are just an estimate. The Texas Pros Garage Doors has no control over unforeseen situations such as natural disasters, weather inclemencies, production equipment malfunctions, and the likes.

It is the responsibility of the Company to notify the Customer about the cause of the delay. In case there are consequences that transpire due to the delays of service, the company won’t be liable for it. No monetary compensation will be provided by the Company caused by any unforeseeable reasons.

Right to cancel

Upon placement of order by the Customer, the Company will process the order the soonest possible time. In case that the Customer canceled the order, he will be obliged to pay for all the associated costs. However, there are certain cases in which the cancellation rights are subject to condition. The Customer has the right to cancel the job order if the service is not rendered within 14 days after the Order Confirmation.

Both parties don’t have the obligations to perform or continue the Contract or the Order after the Customer had sent a notice of cancellation. Under the same instance, the Company is obliged to reimburse all the payments given by the Customers in case that the Customer had sent notice of cancellation.


The Price of Goods or Service shall be the quoted price of the Company or, if the there has been no quoted price, the Company may set a price list provided that a written notice shall be given to the Customer prior to the delivery of service.

Any increase in the Price of Services or Goods due to any aspect beyond the Company’s control such as foreign exchange fluctuation, alteration of duties, currency regulation, an increase on the cost of materials and labor as well as manufacture will increase to the price set by the Company.

The Price is inclusive of the value-added tax as specified by the Law. It also includes all the costs and charges for the packaging, carriage, loading and unloading, and insurance. The Customer is bound to pay all the additional charges stated herein.

The Company has the right to ask for the interest in the case that the Customer is unable to pay the agreed amount as stated in the Contract. The Company will only render the service after receiving the full payment. All the expenses incurred by the Company to recover the payment will be the Customer’s liability. These include the 25% commission of the debt collection agents and the adviser’s fees. All the amounts payable stated in the Contract is due upon termination without considering any other provision.


The Company guarantees that the Goods or Services delivered shall be of high quality. Further, the Company is not deemed liable for any defect due to the failure of the Customer to follow the written or oral instructions of the Company in terms of use and maintenance, as well as storage. In addition, any defect such as wear and tear due to the misuse, abnormal working conditions, alterations, and negligence is the liability of the Customer.


The Company warrants that the Goods or Services rendered follows the description in the Contract. The Customer can claim for the warranty only for damage of the Goods. Shall the Customer allow an unqualified person to do the repairs or replacement of parts without the approval of the Company, it will not be covered by the Company.

Data Protection

The Company is obliged to follow the data protection law. The Customer’s personal information and identity will only be used to comply with the duties cited in the Contract.

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