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General Warranty – Texas Pros Garage Doors San Antonio



Texas Pros Garage Doors is a company that provides installation service of new garage doors. Thus, the Company offers a warranty covering the labor of installation and for any defects in workmanship. The manufacturer of the garage doors has separate warranty given to the Customers including the door itself and the parts.

This Warranty may also cover any defective parts that are not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty as indicated in the invoice of each item. It is also the responsibility of Texas Pros Garage Doors to correct or repair any defective workmanship. If the defective part is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Texas Pros Garage Doors will be the one to repair or change the defective part without asking for labor charge. Service charge is implemented if there is no warranty specified in the invoice for a particular item.


This warranty covers the repair of an existing garage door such as defects in the materials or workmanship, provided that the garage door is installed by Texas Pros Garage Doors. Any defective part of the garage door will be repaired or replaced by the Company whichever is necessary without charge provided that the parts have a corresponding warranty indicated in the invoice, otherwise the service charge will apply.

Free of Defects

The Contractor shall provide a warranty to the work delivered. This asserts that the goods and the service rendered are free from any defect. This warranty gives assurance and peace of mind to the owner to use the garage door for a long time even after the call-back warranty expired. In case that the garage door becomes defective, the owner can use this warranty to file a claim based from breach of contract.

Duration of the Warranty Coverage

The coverage of Warranty starts after the installation or repair is completed. Warranty is non-transferrable and terminates once the original customer no longer owns the garage door. This is also applicable for repair of an existing door or installation of a new garage door, provided that the labor warranty is stated in the invoice.

The contractor offers 24 months warranty for components and workmanship free from defects. The warranty takes effect from the original date of purchase or installation. However, this warranty does not cover the installation rendered by anyone who is not authorized by the Texas Pros Garage Door.

Partial Service Warranty

The terms indicated in this warranty conforms to the terms stated in the Limited Warranty. But, the partial service warranty only lasts for a 90-day period after the completion of service.

Warranty Restrictions

If the repair of an existing door is done by anyone who is not authorized by Texas Pros Garage Doors, the labor cost and the parts replaced will not be covered by the warranty. This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages including injury to a person or damage to a property caused by malfunctions of the garage door.

Warranty restriction is also implemented if the door cables are misaligned, disconnected, or displaced. The same thing is applicable if the problem is caused by misuse, abuse, or civil disturbance. Other instances that make warranty void include the following:

  • Water damage
  • Door blowing in
  • Adjustment or modification is done by an unauthorized person
  • The owner does not follow the maintenance, regular cleaning or servicing suggested by the manufacturer

Further, warranty restrictions can be implemented if upon on-site inspection the contractor found out that the damage is due to the negligence of the owner to employ regular servicing or maintenance to the garage door.

Implied Warranty of Information

This warranty spares the contractor from any liability pursuant to the Spearin doctrine. As part of the contract or agreement, the contractor shall follow the plans, information, and specifications agreed between the owner and the contractor. If the contractor rendered the job in strict compliance with the specifications and plans, the contractor will not be held liable for any damage or loss. Otherwise, if the contractor did not follow the agreed plan and specification, the owner may request for a claim.

Implied Warranty for Workmanship

Aside from the warranties written in the contract, the client may rely on the implied warranty of the contractor to render the work diligently and skillfully manner. The owner has the right to receive the appropriate services in accordance with the specified plan and agreement between the client and the contractor. In case that contractual warranty is not applicable, an implied warranty may be imposed. This warranty is also applicable in case the contractor is unable to provide a written contract.

The warranty provides the client specific legal rights but may vary from one state to another. To ensure that the client can file a claim for warranty, it is important to keep the invoice as it serves as a receipt. It should be presented to the Contractor when filing for Warranty.

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